Power of Home Fitness

Is home fitness for everyone?If you’re trying to look better and feel better, home fitness is for you. It doesn’t matter what your age is or how much you can exercise, you should focus on putting together a plan with three important components if you want to see results. Start off with cardio, then do some strength training exercises and then finish it with stretching to cool down.

To do cardio you don’t need to use machines or have huge space in your home. You should go for morning jogs or may be use a treadmill or skip or engage yourself in various household chores. So get a treadmill or go for jogs, gliders and rowers.

Strength training can be done using various movements done by body weight and or getting some weights and using them. To make sure your home fitness is effective, have a dedicated session of weights at least once a week. Body weight resistance exercises include squats, push-ups for basic workout or for intense once you could make use of a weighted vest or a pull up bar. Use barbells or weights and do a flat bench workout. If you don’t have much space and want to invest less then get adjustable dumbbells. Include variety in your schedule to get maximum benefits of strength work out.

Stretching is another important area that one must not ignore. When do stretching exercises at the end of your workout program or simply keep one day for stretching exercise, …