How to make baby food and milk more tasty and healthy

Babies need food that helps them to grow and strengthen their body. At the same time they are too whimsical to stick to one food and be happy. Every time they want something new. Here are some tips that would lend them a variety on their plate and also help to maintain the nutritional level. Intake of milk daily makes them feel bored. Here are some ways to make the same milk lend more variety and taste.

  1. Take a bowl of milk. Do not add sugar to it. Instead add a biscuit that contains glucose and also some fibers. Soak the biscuit in the milk and when it dilutes enough, fed the child with the mixture. This will help him to enjoy milk as it now tastes different and also has increased nutrients than plain milk.
  2. Take two spoons of roasted semolina in pan. Add twice the quantity of water to it. Boil till it soaks all water. Then add milk and little honey. Also add a pinch of cardamom powder so that the aroma wakes the child and its tastes makes it yummier.
  3. Take two spoons of ragi malt. This is ready made mixture that is available. Add little milk and boil the contents. Add sugar/honey when it simmers and here is porridge full of calcium. Ragi malt is a rich source of calcium and help in the growth of teeth and bones. I have tried it on my baby and the results were amazing.
  4. Take two spoons of

How to save money on groceries and food

The first step to cutting back on your spending is planning. Don’t just run into the store without a plan, on the spur of the moment. Set aside a time for shopping and make a list of what you need. Plan your meals for a week or even a month in advance to know what will be needed. Don’t forget about paper products, cleaners, snacks, and lunches for school or work. Check sales ads for the best days to shop and where the best prices are to be found. Make this a family plan so everyone knows there will only be one shopping day and to plan for it. Not only will this save on groceries but you will save on gas as well.

Only buy those things that will be used. It does no good to buy that large box of cereal that no one will want or that will only go bad before being finished. If you buy in bulk be sure you have room for those 20 rolls of paper towels or that you will really use those 10 cans of car wax. Learn how to mathmatically figure unit prices so you can compare ┬áitems that come in different sizes. Check expiration dates and only buy perishables that will be used before going bad. If you have a deep freeze, then you can buy up meats and frozen goods when they are on sale and even freeze vegetables when they are in season and cheaper. Look for …

The best Chinese food on the west coast

     The menu at Lee's Wok in Newport, Oregon is extensive and most of all the best! The restaurant is right along side a motel, so if you want to stay overnight that is convenient.  The next morning, you can wake up and try something new on the assorted menu at Lee's Wok.They are open at 11AM just in time for brunch. The lunch menu includes 2 specials each day which they change everyday for a nice variety.

      If you have arrived for lunch, you will be given a pot of really hot tea,choice of hot and spicey or egg flower soups.  Crackers come with the soup. The people that work there are courteous, friendly, hard working and helpful.  Any questions about the selections, everyone seems to know the answers so just ask.  The specials are now,  as of this December 2008 posting, $4.95.  Let us take an example so I can describe to you exactly what you get for that price besides the tea and soup. This particular day they have sweet and sour chicken on the lunch special, which I just love. It comes very fast  and nice and hot. So hot I need to gently blow on the forkfull as I put it into my awaiting , salivating mouth. The portion is large with a side dish of pork fried rice. The meal is huge enough for me to take home some for later to enjoy.

      Lee's Wok is clean …

Food for Thought: The Skinny on MSG

About 30% of our population experience adverse reactions to MSG. Sometimes we don't see the symptom being MSG related because they may not show up for an hour or more after a meal while in some people, it can show up before they leave the dinner table. Most sufferers just pass it off as typical….an inconvenience they have learned to live with. Some symptoms are, migraine headache, simple headache, depression, rash, racing heart, lethargy, asthma like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, bloating, diarrhea, general weakness, gastric distress, shortness of breath, irregular heart beat, panic attacks, mood swings, flushing, tremors, poor concentration and hyperactivity in children.

Bowel complaints and IBS are probably the most common MSG induced reactions. Many people who have had their gall bladder removed complain of gall bladder attack like symptoms after eating foods containing MSG. Taurine, a free form amino acid makes bile that breaks down large fat globules which in turn makes them easier to digest. When MSG interferes with taurine's function, fat digestion becomes difficult and we end up with digestive distress.

You may not think of obesity as an MSG symptom simply because we don't feel the effects right away. I'm not saying that everyone who is over weight should blame MSG but, we are constantly hearing how obesity has more than doubled in the past fifty years and MSG's has been in use since the 1950's. Scientists fatten rats and mice to be used for experiments by injecting them with MSG. It is …

Packing Vegetarian Picnic Foods for a Great Picnic Lunch

There's no need to worry. It's a lot easier (and cheaper) to feed vegetarians than you may think.

What Type of Vegetarian Picnic Foods Do You Need?

Did you know that there are actually several different types of vegetarians? It's true. Being a vegetarian means different things to different people. For example, some people eat fish, yet still consider themselves to be vegetarian. Others may or may not eat dairy products or eggs. Vegans are the most strict type of vegetarian and will not eat any type of animal product at all. Some even go so far as to not eat certain types of sugar because they are processed with an animal bone.

If you want to please your guest, you should ask them what types of foods they can eat. Most vegetarians are very open about this. They understand that you are trying to make an effort to feed them foods that you will enjoy and can eat, so they will do their best to help you out.

Of course, the next challenge may be to find foods that you will enjoy eating at your picnic as well.

Vegetarian Picnic Foods

Some of the best vegetarian picnic foods are quite similar to the types of picnic foods that a meat-eater would choose.

Sandwiches are always a great choice because they are easy to make and travel well. This could be a good way to accommodate both meat eaters and vegetarians because you could have a selection of different types …