A Singapore Treat: High Tea at Raffles Hotel

With its colonial atmosphere and luxurious ambience, Raffles Hotel hosts, each afternoon, a traditional English High Tea, with an Asian twist.

Raffles Hotel is one of Singapore's best known and most loved landmarks. For over a hundred years travellers have been coming through its doors to stay or dine in elegant and luxurious surroundings. Traditions started by English colonists have survived: partaking in a tiffin curry luncheon on Sundays, drinking the Singapore Sling cocktail, and taking high tea in the afternoons.

High Tea at Raffles

Every afternoon, between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m., High Tea is served in the Tiffin Room at Raffles. This is an elegant, high-ceilinged room with chandeliers and ceiling fans.The tall arched windows look out to Palm Garden with its ornate cast-iron fountain.

A talented musician plays the harp as gentle background music while uniformed waiters move quietly between the tables, making sure all the guests have tea and coffee.

Copied from old photographs, the furniture in the Tiffin Room replicates that used in the early days of the hotel. The teak tables are square; the chairs bentwood with palm design backs.

White linen tablecloths and silver cutlery, fine bone china crockery and a silver vase of orchids grace each table.

Reservations for High Tea at Raffles are recommended. Guests are requested to wear smart clothing.

The Food at Raffles High Tea

On arrival at the Tiffin Room, we were escorted to our reserved table. A three-tiered silver cake stand, complete with a variety of traditional afternoon …

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