How to save money on groceries and food

The first step to cutting back on your spending is planning. Don’t just run into the store without a plan, on the spur of the moment. Set aside a time for shopping and make a list of what you need. Plan your meals for a week or even a month in advance to know what will be needed. Don’t forget about paper products, cleaners, snacks, and lunches for school or work. Check sales ads for the best days to shop and where the best prices are to be found. Make this a family plan so everyone knows there will only be one shopping day and to plan for it. Not only will this save on groceries but you will save on gas as well.

Only buy those things that will be used. It does no good to buy that large box of cereal that no one will want or that will only go bad before being finished. If you buy in bulk be sure you have room for those 20 rolls of paper towels or that you will really use those 10 cans of car wax. Learn how to mathmatically figure unit prices so you can compare ┬áitems that come in different sizes. Check expiration dates and only buy perishables that will be used before going bad. If you have a deep freeze, then you can buy up meats and frozen goods when they are on sale and even freeze vegetables when they are in season and cheaper. Look for …

Health Care Wishes: Make the Choice Yours

Many states have an Advance Health Care Directive, commonly known as an AHCD, that is available for you to complete, have notarized, and file with your medical records and attorney, as well as giving out to all your friends and family. A link to Oregon’s form is here; a link to an English form for California is here, and a Spanish form for Califormia ishere. I suggest ignoring those websites attempting to sell the form, since it can be obtained free and is relatively easy to complete..

Post copies around the house. Carry one in your wallet or purse. Keep one in the glove compartment of the car and motorcycle. If you belong to a gym or social club, present a copy there. If you attend a certain church regularly, ask your pastor if he or she is willing to accept a copy, in the event they are called on your behalf. If your decision is in conflict with church doctrine, you might choose to not make your decision public with church members.

Who should have an AHCD

If you are unable or unwilling to make health care decisions about yourself, and you are age 18 years or older, most state laws allow you to choose someone to make health care decisions on your behalf. Needless to say, the time to make this decision is when you are healthy, clear of mind, and able to assure yourself that the person you choose is comfortable with the duty, and will carry …

Kosher Coffee

Kosher coffee can be enjoyed in Jewish household and can make a great gift for certain occasions. For coffee to be Kosher, it has to be prepared in a Kosher environment, inspected by a Rabbi or Kosher organization, and certified. You will be able to tell if coffee is certified Kosher if it has Kosher certification symbols on the label.

Purchasing Kosher Coffee

Kosher coffee can be purchased from a variety of locations. You can find it in Kosher markets, coffee shops, and in some grocery stores. You can also order coffee beans, grounds, or other coffee products online. Coffee can be purchased in individual packages, bulk packages, or compiled into gift baskets.

When creating a gift basket of Kosher coffee products, you have various choices of items that will compliment coffee. Some items that may be included in a coffee gift basket include coffee beans, a coffee tin, biscotti, pre-mixed coffee drinks, wafer rolls, stirring sticks, special flavorings, or chocolate bars. Coffee gift baskets are appropriate for most occasions. Make sure that all the products in the basket are labeled Kosher for Passover if you are giving the basket at the time of Passover.

Many people are uncertain of which items are considered Kosher in coffee shops. You can basically order any unflavored, roasted coffee, whether it is regular or decaf. You can add sugar or milk, but do not add creamer to your coffee. Creamers or additional flavorings should only be added to coffee if these products are …