Kosher Coffee

Kosher coffee can be enjoyed in Jewish household and can make a great gift for certain occasions. For coffee to be Kosher, it has to be prepared in a Kosher environment, inspected by a Rabbi or Kosher organization, and certified. You will be able to tell if coffee is certified Kosher if it has Kosher certification symbols on the label.

Purchasing Kosher Coffee

Kosher coffee can be purchased from a variety of locations. You can find it in Kosher markets, coffee shops, and in some grocery stores. You can also order coffee beans, grounds, or other coffee products online. Coffee can be purchased in individual packages, bulk packages, or compiled into gift baskets.

When creating a gift basket of Kosher coffee products, you have various choices of items that will compliment coffee. Some items that may be included in a coffee gift basket include coffee beans, a coffee tin, biscotti, pre-mixed coffee drinks, wafer rolls, stirring sticks, special flavorings, or chocolate bars. Coffee gift baskets are appropriate for most occasions. Make sure that all the products in the basket are labeled Kosher for Passover if you are giving the basket at the time of Passover.

Many people are uncertain of which items are considered Kosher in coffee shops. You can basically order any unflavored, roasted coffee, whether it is regular or decaf. You can add sugar or milk, but do not add creamer to your coffee. Creamers or additional flavorings should only be added to coffee if these products are labeled as Kosher certified.