How to make baby food and milk more tasty and healthy

Babies need food that helps them to grow and strengthen their body. At the same time they are too whimsical to stick to one food and be happy. Every time they want something new. Here are some tips that would lend them a variety on their plate and also help to maintain the nutritional level. Intake of milk daily makes them feel bored. Here are some ways to make the same milk lend more variety and taste.

  1. Take a bowl of milk. Do not add sugar to it. Instead add a biscuit that contains glucose and also some fibers. Soak the biscuit in the milk and when it dilutes enough, fed the child with the mixture. This will help him to enjoy milk as it now tastes different and also has increased nutrients than plain milk.
  2. Take two spoons of roasted semolina in pan. Add twice the quantity of water to it. Boil till it soaks all water. Then add milk and little honey. Also add a pinch of cardamom powder so that the aroma wakes the child and its tastes makes it yummier.
  3. Take two spoons of ragi malt. This is ready made mixture that is available. Add little milk and boil the contents. Add sugar/honey when it simmers and here is porridge full of calcium. Ragi malt is a rich source of calcium and help in the growth of teeth and bones. I have tried it on my baby and the results were amazing.
  4. Take two spoons of roasted wheat flour. Add little water and cardamom powder. Then add milk. Sweeten it with sugar/ honey and there is a bowl full of fiber ready for your dear one.
  5. Soak two table spoon of sago overnight. Then boil it in water. When it absorbs water, add milk and sweeten it. The soft particles of the sago keep the stomach full for a longer duration