The best Chinese food on the west coast

     The menu at Lee's Wok in Newport, Oregon is extensive and most of all the best! The restaurant is right along side a motel, so if you want to stay overnight that is convenient.  The next morning, you can wake up and try something new on the assorted menu at Lee's Wok.They are open at 11AM just in time for brunch. The lunch menu includes 2 specials each day which they change everyday for a nice variety.

      If you have arrived for lunch, you will be given a pot of really hot tea,choice of hot and spicey or egg flower soups.  Crackers come with the soup. The people that work there are courteous, friendly, hard working and helpful.  Any questions about the selections, everyone seems to know the answers so just ask.  The specials are now,  as of this December 2008 posting, $4.95.  Let us take an example so I can describe to you exactly what you get for that price besides the tea and soup. This particular day they have sweet and sour chicken on the lunch special, which I just love. It comes very fast  and nice and hot. So hot I need to gently blow on the forkfull as I put it into my awaiting , salivating mouth. The portion is large with a side dish of pork fried rice. The meal is huge enough for me to take home some for later to enjoy.

      Lee's Wok is clean and smells good when you walk into the double doors for entry. It remains quiet,without music so you can talk and others can listen. The food is prepared without MSG or fatty laden oils that are harmful. The food is actually flavorful and nothing is masked to hide its great taste. Lee's Wok is open seven days a week so you never hit a closed day of the week.

      Supper menu is slightly higher, but still reasonable and delicious. Lee's Wok in Newport, Oregon takes  most major credit cards.