The Importance of Children's Eye Health

With studies showing that around one in three children have some form of visual trouble, it is important to have regular eye tests. Eye problems in children can develop quickly and can result in permanent loss of vision if left unchecked.

The Northern Laser Vision Centre knows that health care is a top priority for parents but is also very expensive. For this reason, Ophthalmologist Dr Kim Frumar, medical director with over 30 years experience in eye care at the Northern Laser Vision Centre is now offering: FREE eye health checks for students from Kindergarten through to year 12 as well as a $5 donation to your school’s latest project or charity.

The Student Sight Solution Program (SSS) is a community initiative that helps encourage eye testing and raise awareness of the importance of early prevention and detection of eye conditions. It reaches out to students and their parents or guardians in the North Shore Region to protect their eyes and their futures. 670 million people worldwide are vision impaired due to lack of access to eye examinations. The SSS program along with Northern Laser Vision Centre aim to lower or abolish this disheartening statistic. Dr Frumar has visited developing countries such as Cambodia, opening new health care centres and treating young children and families. After seeing the devastation and poor health conditions first hand, he has brought this initiative to Northern Laser Vision Centre.

Brother and sister Alivia and Jake recently had their eyes tested at the Northern Laser Vision Centre in their school holidays. They each received $5 for school funding to go to Our Lady of Dolours School. Tests at the Northern Laser Vision Centre are non-invasive and simple. They involve bright lights, coloured lenses and charts, conducted by Dr Kim Frumar and highly qualified and trained Orthoptists who specialize in assessing children from birth onwards.

If you have children that haven’t had their eyes tested recently, make a booking with the Northern Laser Vision Centre and make sure to mention the name of your child’s school. Call on 9410 1011. The Northern Laser Vision Centre is located on 13 Spring Street, Chatswood.

Visit the Northern Laser Vision Centre today to support a great cause – the children of the future.