Health and medical discoveries: Viruses that can beat brain cancer

New medical advances are always exciting and they have plenty of them. One of the breakthroughs that people are working on is embryonic stem cells therapy. This is a controversial topic in America because it's a question of ethics.

The government in America is only funding Adult stem cells research. Adult stem cells research is great but it's limited in some ways whereas embryonic stem cells are not that limiting. However, embryonic stem cells research will provides us with many different types of treatment options for all types of medical conditions. It'll save a lot of people's lives. This is something that the next president has to ponder about.

One really great breakthrough recently is on October, 27, 2008 where they have a new method to battle brain cancer. This is a profound method that you've never heard of before and it's very creative. Once you know about it you will be surprise as to how far medical research can take you.
You begin to question whether the method can be use for treating other diseases as well such as HIV something that we are all desperate for. We want a cure to HIV or a vaccine at least. What if we take some of the methods that have been successful for other medical condition and see if we can apply that toward finding a cure or a vaccine for HIV?

The recent discovery was a method that would nearly cure brain cancer. It's definitely profound. This is a treatment that is going on at the Methodist health hospital on Houston. The procedure is being giving to qualified candidates. The procedure is to use two viruses to battle the brain cancer.
One is the herpes virus and the other one is the cold virus. Whoa! This is fascinating. Taking two viruses and putting it inside your body to kill cancer. This is an amazing method. Can we do this to kill the HIV? Can we take a combination of virus and things and introduce it inside the cell and get rid of it? Just a question on the side. They said that the question that you ask is already half way done when it comes to research. So you have to ask a lot of questions and build your research around it.

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What they are doing is to use the common cold virus to deliver the herpes virus to the cancer cells and then using herpes medication to kill those cancer cells that has the herpes virus. This works for one of the patient that nearly dies over her brain cancer. She has almost had all of her cancer cells destroyed.

This is great news for those who have brain cancer. They can apply for this study and get treatment before they die. They said that brain cancer will allow you to live up for several months to a couple of years. You don't have a lot of time like other diseases. This is more life threatening. If you have brain cancer or someone you know this is something that you can look into. This is a great breakthrough.